Melissa van Dijk – Front-End Developer

  • September 22, 2019
    • Our people

Melissa has been working at since 2021.

After studying computer science at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, I worked in secondment for 11 years. This included writing applications that talked to telephone exchanges, supporting NS services and 112 control rooms.

In 2017, I joined a small telecom company again, but this time I had the opportunity to set up a project from scratch in Angular. This was a completely new technology/programming language for me. I liked working entirely in Front-End and thinking along with how to make a user interface as user-friendly as possible. When this company was taken over, I started looking for a new employer. That was done in one search: the first ad I saw was for Front-End Developer at This was an ideal combination for me: firstly, working with Angular, secondly, so close to home that I could cycle to work for the first time in my career, and thirdly, in a small informal development team.

I enjoy thinking and helping to build a website that makes it easier for growers to do their work.

There are several factors that make my job a lot of fun. First of all, I enjoy thinking and building a website that makes it easier for growers to do their work. Thinking about user-friendliness, and ultimately delivering a system that allows customers to do their work more easily and with fewer actions, contributing to higher yields. Secondly, the team is very pleasant, there is a good atmosphere and good cooperation.

I like technical challenges and certainly if they increase the user-friendliness of MyLetsGrow. If I find a solution after much puzzling, I can be proud of it.

The organisational culture of is fairly informal but professional. People are open to each other's ideas and work together to continuously improve products and processes. But with the necessary humor and sociability on the shop floor. It is a company with very mixed ages. Due to the rapid growth of, many young people have joined, but there are also people who have been working at for years.

What is very nice at is that company outings are organised regularly, both by the staff association and by the company itself. A boat trip through the Westland, bowling, escape room and, as a hit, a Christmas party in the summer (made up because of Corona). These are fun occasions to get to know colleagues outside the workplace a little better.

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