How can I offer advice remotely?

For many years now, with their MyLetsGrow platform has proven itself as an extremely powerful tool for crop consultants worldwide. It’s made to do exactly what you need it for – remote monitoring and consulting. It saves you time and when actively used, improves the quality of your services. You’ll also be able to increase your client’s yield when using MyLetsGrow. MyLetsGrow is the ideal tool for crop consultants and can be used for multiple purposes:

  • As a central location where relevant customer data can be brought together. This includes climate data, cultivation figures, images, crop protection inputs, employee figures and data from sensors.
  •  As an analytical tool for cultivation numbers and strategy.
  •  As a real-time, automated communication tool with customers.

Remote monitoring

As a crop consultant, you need to stay up to date with your clients' crops and their strategies. To do this, you need data. You need answers to questions such as: "Are the plants growing well?", "What climate is being maintained?", "What is the irrigation strategy?" and "Is pest control working?". has developed a solution that automates these processes and ensures that the supply of information to your clients is standardised. This information is always up to date, allowing you to work more efficiently and make quicker adjustments as required.

Collating growing data

By using, all your clients' crop data is collated in a structured way.

Maintain an overview of the big picture by sharing crop performance, by calculating and sharing key metrics, and by placing and sharing images next to environmental factors. Our platform turns data into useful information. Real-time sharing of essential information ensures lasting focus for you and your clients.

When visiting clients, you’re immediately up to date on how things are going. You’ll be able to get straight to the point, without needing to be on site.

Always up to date has several products and services that are valuable if you’re a crop consultant. You can log in to the system from anywhere in the world, meaning you can always be in touch with one or more clients, wherever you are.

The e-mail notification option also allows you to specify when you receive updates about specific graphs and overviews. Choose between periodic (e.g. daily or weekly) or condition-based notifications. Set your preference to receive an e-mail only when a certain parameter (e.g. the greenhouse temperature) goes above or below a set level. Receive an e-mail notification when a graph reading (e.g. regarding the 24-hour temperature) deviates from the norm. When this happens, you’ll immediately receive the relevant graph by e-mail so that you’re up to date with any client issues or activities.

Opportunities for analysis collates large quantities of data using Remote Monitoring, making data analysis possible. We have already developed several analysis tools with, and for, our partners and are always open to new suggestions and ideas. We’re also happy to provide custom analysis for you or your clients.

Some examples of available analysis tools: the RTR graph and the Climate Monitor. The RTR graph makes it possible to reference radiation against temperature, leading to the Radiation Temperature Ratio. 24-hour temperatures are referenced against radiation in a graph and must fall within a preferred range. This shows at a glance whether your client has properly understood and applied your advice. Easily zoom in on any periods of time that fall outside the range.

The Climate Monitor allows you to enter the desired setpoints for temperature, RH and CO2 content in relation to the specified radiation. Our cloud software then highlights when the conditions are correct and in balance. This provides you with a quick insight into the greenhouse environment without needing to review any graphs.

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