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A vigorous and healthy crop. Optimal growth and yield. Be in control and able to immediately respond to changes in your greenhouse. Scalable, repeatable, predictable. With minimal use of natural resources. Our data-driven plant and data science solutions improve the profitability and sustainability of our customers and partners.


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To do this, we like to start at the beginning and that means collating existing data at a single digital location. Next, we make sure your data is working for you. We work together with you on this. What's involved? Keep reading!

We centralise

MyLetsGrow collects data from all your production sites at a central location. We access data from all brands of climate computers, (wireless) sensors, ERP systems, sorting and grading machines, labour registration systems, energy systems, and the rest!

We visualise

The data from this wide variety of sources is combined, allowing you to view the status of your operational processes at a glance. Access your data from anywhere in the world, whether your growing sites are close by or far away.

We analyse

Image analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and physiological plant analysis allow us to reliably identify and assess greenhouse activities, the causes for these and more importantly, any potential results.

We optimise

Our advanced AI and data analytics, combined with physiological plant and physical science knowledge, helps you make reliable strategic decisions.

Leverage data and 
grow more with less