Our approach to 
Data Driven Growing

We help you grow 
efficiently and sustainably

MyLetsGrow is made up of several solutions giving stakeholders exactly the information they need. As a result, your climate strategy, cultivation process and/or chosen business model will become more predictable and manageable, allowing you to make the right operational decisions and enabling your business to develop in a controlled manner.

We centralise

MyLetsGrow collects data from all your production sites at a central location. We access data from all brands of climate computers, (wireless) sensors, ERP systems, sorting and grading machines, labour registration systems, energy systems, and the rest!

We visualise

The data from this wide variety of sources is combined, allowing you to view the status of your operational processes at a glance. Access your data from anywhere in the world, whether your growing sites are close by or far away.

We analyse

Image analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and physiological plant analysis allow us to reliably identify and assess greenhouse activities, the causes for these and more importantly, any potential results.

We optimise

Our advanced AI and data analytics, combined with physiological plant and physical science knowledge, helps you make reliable strategic decisions.

Data Driven Growing is the way to go!

Data Driven Growing

Data Driven Growing (DDG) is increasingly the reality in greenhouse horticulture. More and more growers are turning to data-based growing to manage their growing businesses, to complement their in-house expertise and to increase crop profitability. An excellent understanding of the underlying growth mechanisms helps growers achieve optimum results.

Intensive training

LetsGrow.com offers an intensive training programme - the DDG programme. Participants are shown how to grow according to plant physiology, Plant Empowerment and data interpretation. The training focusses on a variety of aspects: optimising quality, increasing production, reducing energy consumption or all three. Every grower's situation is unique, and each company has its own set of priorities.

How does it work?

How does DDG work? Based on Plant Empowerment data and principles, we search for the limiting factor in your growing environment. Thanks to continuous improvements, these constraints are minimised, and cultivation methods are structured to create a consistent greenhouse growing environment. The cultivation process is digitised, giving you more control and creating a more balanced growing environment.

Want to know more?

Would you like more information about how we work or how LetsGrow.com can support you? Our specialists will be happy to help!