How can data-driven growing help optimise my products?

As a horticultural supplier, you need to stand out and be supportive. Setting up a system for (digital) service provision is an extremely effective way to achieve this. Developing a platform such as this in-house is often out of the question for many suppliers, however. As a supplier, grower or crop consultant, you need an understanding of the raw product data that makes data-driven growing possible. These are things such as climate computers, sensors and smart cameras. This is where comes in.

gets us further! works with more than 50 different suppliers - these are 'our partners'. By collaborating, each partner enhances their area of expertise. Collaboration means growing together!

Working as your partner, we map out all requirements. We then determine how the data can be converted efficiently and conveniently into user-friendly practical information for our joint end customer - the grower. also unlocks sources of information from growers, making it possible to integrate climate data with your own product’s data, for example. Our specialists are happy to talk you through this. We offer a (custom) solution for every project. combines raw data with Artificial Intelligence (AI), plant physiology and supplier knowledge, helping you better serve your customers. By upgrading your raw data, you’ll be able to generate accurate analyses and as a result, provide valuable insights.

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