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As a horticultural (crop) manager, you’re busy planning, organising, directing and controlling operations. You’re responsible for the operational processes needed for a successful crop. To be successful as a manager, it’s essential to have the right information.

More efficient operations
with the right data

A great deal of data is generated in and around a growing site. Aspirator boxes, sorting machines, weather stations, weighing scales and recording systems for labour. All these provide insights into the current situation into certain parameters. But how can this data be successfully combined and interpreted?

LetsGrow.com is here to support you, from data collection right through to up-to-date dashboard insights. We guide horticultural companies away from traditional methods, to data-based growing techniques. Whenever you need, our specialists are here to help and happy to provide remote support. They offer advice and the opportunity to reflect on actions taken. We’re happy to discuss the various options available to you. 

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Vereijken Kwekerijen: moving forward with data analysis

The production figures have been sound for many years - both in terms of quantity and quality. And yet, as a grower and as a company, you want to keep improving. So, what’s the next step? LetsGrow.com makes multi-year data analysis available to all growers.

From traditional cultivation to Data Driven Growing

By using the latest technological developments, LetsGrow.com offers growers the necessary support and guidance. Data collected by growers is hugely valuable and is useful when planning both daily and long-term crop strategies: Data Driven Growing (DDG).

AGRICO makes use of data to maximise cultivation

LetsGrow.com worked with partner Invermex to provide a fully integrated solution encompassing both software and training on Data Driven Growing (DDG) and Plant Empowerment.

Leverage your data
Grow more with less