A unique growing approach

Plant Empowerment

'Plant Empowerment’ - what exactly is it? We believe this is how to achieve optimum crop results, using fewer resources and with minimal emissions. As such, it’s a sustainable solution to the enormous challenge of feeding the world's growing population. And this solution has been provided by nature itself! Plant Empowerment is "an integrated approach to growing crops in greenhouses sustainably by supporting plant balances”. Natural plant vigour is promoted thanks to the creation of optimal growing conditions both above ground and in the root zone. This forms the starting point of this approach.

LetsGrow.com is one of the proud founders and Implementation Partners of the Plant Empowerment community. We’re able to implement Plant Empowerment into your operations in several ways. Besides the Plant Empowerment foundation, the authors of the book launched the Plant Empowerment Academy, an independent knowledge source where you can also order the book.

It's all about plant balance

Plant Empowerment aims to optimise growth by supporting the plant to balance the three aspects: energy, water and assimilates. In this way, plants can become and remain strong, healthy and resilient with efficient use of water, fertilisers, CO2 and energy. When supporting this three-way balance, plants make more efficient use of water, fertilisers and energy. Plants are then more resistant to pests and diseases, just as in nature. The result of all this hard work? Higher yields and better quality. Empower your plants!

Still have a few questions about Plant Empowerment?

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