Wondering what to consider when investing in horticulture?

LetsGrow.com is confident that horticultural greenhouse production makes a sustainable contribution to greening and feeding the world. Investing in greenhouse horticulture is therefore a sound decision!

We also know just how complicated it can be to run a greenhouse well. That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to developing a decision support platform that helps your company and your growers to structure the growing process in the best possible way. We have achieved this by combining data science, plant science and a dash of business logic. Providing clients with the right tools to grow – that’s where we come in!

From unpredictability 
to control

Running a greenhouse business profitably requires predictability and production with minimal surprises. But how is that possible when working with plants? After all, these are living organisms that don’t behave like 'standard' production processes.

Keeping crops balanced and growing predictably requires constant monitoring and adjustment of production processes.

LetsGrow.com offers services, products and a platform consisting of different components that allows various stakeholders to access the information they need. Our tools make the cultivation process more predictable and manageable, meaning you can grow your business in a controlled manner and achieve a return on your investment.

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Moving towards data-driven growing

Climate control is often based on measuring what is happening or has happened and reacting accordingly. Increasingly however, there is a need among growers to anticipate what is likely to happen and to act. Data analytics can make a key contribution to this process.

From green fingers to hands-off growing

These days, there is a greater need than ever for more accurate forecasting, while at the same time, the number of people with green fingers is decreasing sharply. Fortunately, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in greenhouse horticulture can help offset this loss of know-how.

From traditional cultivation to Data Driven Growing

By using the latest technological developments, LetsGrow.com offers growers the necessary support and guidance. Data collected by growers is hugely valuable and is useful when planning both daily and long-term crop strategies: Data Driven Growing (DDG).

With LetsGrow.com, we're helping our clients achieve a better and more sustainable performance. Our intelligent data solutions make this possible.

Peter Hendriks — Managing Director