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LetsGrow.com provides insights into greenhouse operations. By making intelligent use of your own data, we offer analysis and advice that increases productivity. This includes production quality improvement and accurate yield forecasting.

Looking to get your data working for you and support in decision making? Or are you looking for further guidance and advice, such as support in rolling out a (new) cultivation method based on solid knowledge of plant physiology? We offer a customizable plan for every strategy we work on.

Our solutions are spread across five plans.


Get a handle on huge quantities of data. Decide whether to analyse and leverage this data.

Starter kit

The first step in data-driven growing is to start collecting data. Our starter kit gives you all the tools you need to unlock cultivation-related data straight from your greenhouse, regardless of the type of sensor or climate computer.

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Improve the efficiency of daily crop operations.

Decision support

Use the right data to support daily decisions. By combining data and plant physiology, we’re able to support you across multiple segments. Our specialists will help you analyse your crop, answer questions about the current status, the reasons behind this and offer future solutions.

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Improve your existing strategy and enjoy more effective decision-making.

Strategy support

Use data to adopt the perfect strategy. We offer insights into current cultivation strategies and our experts review and optimise these. We also increase awareness around Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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Expand your knowledge to enhance your growth strategy.

Training & coaching

Enhance your knowledge and skills to develop a better data-driven growth strategy. We walk you through the principles of Plant Empowerment, which puts the plant front and centre of activities. We also offer a range of options to take data monitoring and data-driven growing to the next level in your business.

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Be an early adopter by exploring new methods of cultivation.

Autonomous growing

Leverage data to get you started with autonomous growing. Our experts will assess whether data from your greenhouse, combined with the established growing strategy, could provide a guide to a fully autonomous greenhouse climate.

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HortiFootprint Calculator

The horticulture industry is taking big steps forward in sustainability, yet it can be challenging to know where to target investment for the best results. How important is it to switch from plastic to compostable packaging? What is the impact of energy use? And what about chemical inputs, how important are they for environmental footprint? Detailed data analysis is crucial to make sure investments have the greatest possible impact.

The HortiFootprint Calculator, developed by MPS and LetsGrow.com, is an innovative software tool that measures the carbon footprint of horticultural production and helps growers to make more sustainable choices.

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