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  • November 29, 2021
    • Collaboration

Data Driven Growing is a familiar phrase. How can greenhouse companies work with this concept? and Gearbox Innovations are working together to help growers realize this concept. combines plant physiology with Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a base for smart solutions. When this knowledge is combined with the image analysis and knowledge of AI of Gearbox Innovations this results in new insights for you as a grower.

With the combination of images and data and presenting this together new insights can be developed into how plants are responding to external circumstances. By acting on this knowledge it is possible to improve your production results; confirms Peter Hendriks.

Gearbox supplies high-quality cameras and sensors and also develop smart software that can monitor the growth and quality of fruits and flowers automatically. Also, the company can robotize tasks that need to be performed in the crop. The data that Gearbox products generate (Gearsense and Gearvision) are visualized in

Because connects multiple data sources in the greenhouse, growers have the option to visualize the image analysis and sensor data on their own dashboard right next to for instance the climate computer. This dashboard is completely set up for the individual needs of the grower. Next to visualizing the data, it is possible to analyze the data within MyLetsGrow. For instance, additional light on the crop can be analyzed as the effect it has on the growth of the crop. Next to this deeper analysis can be conducted, for instance, to determine the stress level of the plant. The data analysts of are ready to research the data for the customer.

‘Smart innovations are made together’, says Peter Hendriks, ‘we complement each other’.

Just as Gearbox is growing internationally. Nationally as well as internationally Gearbox supplies growers and breeders. Gearbox assists the grower or breeder in gaining additional insight into and optimizing the production process. On top of this Gearbox automates and robotizes the monitoring and analyzing of organic products and crops in dynamic environments. Gearbox evaluates the quality and plant development so that the cultivation process can be optimized, costs can be reduced and product quality can be improved.

‘Gearbox develops the colleagues of the future!’, says Simone Keijzer (Founder Gearbox)