Royal Brinkman &

  • November 29, 2021
    • Collaboration

Royal Brinkman has developed a digital application with, with a modern methodology for data collection and evaluation of pests and diseases in the greenhouses. The app will make crop-specific recommendations about diseases and pests and the chemicals to combat them.

Observing and monitoring diseases and pests in the crop are from back in the day an important part of the crop strategy. Trends and pattern recognition is and will remain an important part of the success factors of the increasingly difficult management of deceases and pests.

The work of pest management specialists is based on the recognition of trends and the prediction of risks. Over the course of the years, a lot of techniques have been developed to achieve suitable working advice for crop protection. Royal Brinkman is making the next step and has developed with its partner a digital application that combines modern methodology and data collection as well as evaluation of diseases and pests in the horticultural sector.

The app offers the protentional to become a central and modern tool to manage crop protection as well as fertilization. Immediately from the start current customers of will be able to connect the development of the disease or pest and connect it to crop protection options. Data is transformed into value.

In the future, further developments will give insight into cultivation-specific recommendations regarding deceases and pets and the countermeasures that can be used.