Finka’s dedication to Data Driven Growing

  • May 25, 2023
    • Plant Empowerment
    • Success Story

Finka is a company dedicated to the specialized greenhouse cultivation of tomatoes and cucumbers in the state of Querétaro, Mexico. 

Finka's vision is to one day have 160 hectares of productive land (currently they own 51 hectares), out of which 21 hectares have been equipped with the latest generation technology. One of these technologies Finka makes use of is the MyLetsGrow platform.

As a result of implementing this technology, Finka has witnessed impressive outcomes. They have experienced a production increase of more than 25% compared to their previous locations.

Rigoberto Ulloa, grower at Finka highlights where MyLetsGrow assists in the growing strategy of the company:

“The platform provides a very comprehensive analysis, by collecting data on climate, pest and disease monitoring, quality of the cultural practices and crop registration data, within a single program. I believe helps us to make things easier and very understandable.”

Rigoberto also shares how the tools assist in their most optimal growing strategy, where we help the company make informed decisions about their crops and business:

“Through’s climate monitor tool you can make more accurate decisions. We establish the desirable target parameters, facilitating our decision-making on the optimal crop conditions. The expected yield is higher because the plant doesn’t suffer from stress and we always keep the optimal crop conditions; which will be reflected in production.”

Darek Blajer, Junior Grower at Finka shares more about the user-friendliness of the platform:

“ is very helpful in many ways. The fact that you can access the platform from any computer or mobile phone, allows you to provide a follow up from any part of the world. Tools like RTR (Radiation-Temperature Ratio) and VPD (Vapour Pressure Difference) can be checked through this platform.

Other than the tools and solutions, the assistance of the DDG team also plays a great part in the informed decision making process: “That allows us to lead the crop to its maximum potential, because it keeps us updated in terms of growing and Plant Empowerment,” concludes Darek.

Finka was already well on its way of becoming a data driven organization. With the use of Data Driven Growing through the MyLetsGrow platform the company is more than ready for the future.

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