Nicole Willems – Greenhouse Information Specialist

  • September 24, 2019
    • Our people

Nicole has been working at since 2021.

As a student, I studied IBL (International Business and Languages). After my studies, I immediately started working at B&S as account manager food and non-food on offshore projects. But the horticulture and fruit and vegetable sector always stayed on my mind. I then applied as a sales manager in the German-speaking countries for a fruit and vegetable wholesaler. I didn't quite fit in here and I heard from Remco Duijverman (who is now my colleague) that they were looking for a Greenhouse Information Specialist at This was the beginning of my career at

The organisational culture is both informal and formal. At times when we sit together in the office, we can have a nice chat, and everyone is informal towards each other. On Fridays after work, we occasionally go for drinks with colleagues. In addition, there is always a staff outing planned.

The horticulture, fruit & vegetable sector always stayed on my mind."

Within my job there is a lot of variety, no day is the same and you get a chance to work a lot with your customers. This makes my job a lot of fun. New things are constantly coming your way, so you always get satisfaction from your work, and satisfied customers.

There have been several moments when I was proud of my work. Think of larger connections and projects. If this is then completed according to schedule and the customer finally compliments me, we can all be proud of the result.