Our partners

Through working together we are able to support our customers even better

Our partners

Organizations that are specialized in hardware and the greenhouse industry aim to provide a better insight in the data their products supply. In this case a manufacturer has two options: develop a platform or work together with LetsGrow.com. The advantage of the last option for the partners is that LetsGrow.com has all the expertise necessary to create a dashboard for every partner. Additionally LetsGrow.com makes sure that the added value the partner aims to provide his customer is fully realized. This can all be done in the company style of the partner. We do this by implementing calculations and combining data from different sources. The advantage for the customer is that all the data is available on one platform. Interested in working together? Please reach out to us!

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LetsGrow.com enters into partnership with SenseNL
The year 2021 was a successful year for LetsGrow.com. The 20th anniversary was …

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Partnership with Gremon Systems
Partnering with Gremon and their Trutina system and software will enable growers to analyse plant behaviour …

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Automation of irrigation with LetsGrow.com
About 3 years ago, a collaboration was established between Vineland Research & Innovation Center and …

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Data Driven Growing is a familiar phrase. How can greenhouse companies work with this concept? LetsGrow.com and Gearbox Innovations …

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Royal Brinkman has developed with LetsGrow.com a digital application, with modern methodology for data collection and evaluation of pests …

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Starting in 2019 OCAP, B-Mex and LetsGrow.com are working together to optimize the usage of CO2 in the greenhouses. Growers …

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