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  • November 29, 2019
    • Collaboration

Starting in 2019 OCAP, B-Mex and LetsGrow.com are working together to optimize the usage of CO2 in greenhouses. Growers are getting better results through using CO2 and the correct usage of the available capacity. CO2 is one of the building blocks of photosynthesis. Because (certainly in the summer) there is no shortage of light, temperature, and water, CO2 is very often the limiting factor. Optimal usage of the available CO2 is in those cases very important.

OCAP approached B-Mex to develop a model for CO2. LetsGrow.com enables these partners to get data from customers and facilitates the connection. For the customers, LetsGrow.com also shows the results on their dashboard in their portal. B-Mex retrieves the data from LetsGrow.com to enter this into their model. In his dashboard, the customer can see the settings in the model and adjust these if needed. OCAP is the supplier of the CO2 and can with this model contribute to optimizing the available CO2.

The product OCAP optimal is owned by OCAP. This tool is developed to optimize the CO2 dosing of the growers. This is done by visualizing what the grower does and running the data through the model to see if it was optimal. The optimal scenario is then shown on LetsGrow.com. The model will also show the results of for example a scenario if 10 % additional CO2 is dosed.

B-Mex is specialized in developing calculation models and connecting them in the Horticultural sector. New and existing models are made available through the internet in a modern and innovative way. This results in a valuable tool that the growers can use to gain insight into the current situation of the crop, yield prediction, and options for the climate for the coming weeks.

LetsGrow.com is the platform to connect and share information in the areas of energy, climate, production, and turnover. In this way, LetsGrow.com connects growers, groups of growers, cultivation advisors, breeders, sales organizations, energy advisors, and suppliers. Connecting climate computers of all brands and a large diversity of sensors of different suppliers and combining this with different plant models and Artificial intelligence has made LetsGrow.com invaluable for more than 1200 companies.

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