A Partnership with Gremon Systems

  • November 29, 2020
    • Collaboration

Partnering with Gremon and their Trutina system and software will enable growers to analyze plant behavior to create ample opportunities to understand the crop’s needs and adjust accordingly resulting in the highest possible ROI. Our joint end goal is to create fertile soil for optimal decision-making, support balanced and happy plants, and therefore equally happy customers. Our co-operation can play a vital role in steering us towards these goals.

At LetsGrow.com, we are always on the lookout for new technologies and products which can support our customer’s business objectives worldwide. Resulting data [from these technologies and systems] can be fed into our algorithms and provide decision-making support for controlling greenhouse operations in an optimal way. We especially believe that results and sustainability can and should go hand in hand which is supported by the leading framework for growers called Plant Empowerment. Growing according to the principles of Plant Empowerment means listening to the crops to empower and unlock their naturally evolved capability of producing optimal quality and yields. To decipher the crops’ wants and needs, having the right data at hand is crucial. This is where Gremon’s Trutina system plays an important role.

The Trutina system provides several critical measurements such as biomass, water uptake speed, and evaporated water amount, which offers the grower immediate feedback from the plant. This feedback may then be fed into our algorithms, which incrementally results in maintaining a balanced plant while maximizing production and resource-use efficiency.

In current times, instant and continuous feedback from the plant has become vital for steering the greenhouse controls either according to 24h average data or even 5m data; the latter is partially made possible thanks to the available integration between LetsGrow.com’s platform (MyLetsGrow) and Gremon’s Trutina system.

Crop registration is often the driving force behind LetsGrow.com’s guidance to create high-quality datasets as we can analyze them at the grower’s request and spot all opportunities for further optimizations in preparation for the upcoming crop cycle. This exercise is typically only performed once a week because of its labor-intensive nature. Automated biomass measurements however complement crop registration efforts by generating data every day of the week, and around the clock.

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