Ron Persoon – Software Developer

  • August 1, 2022

During my search for a graduation project, I came across an assignment at a company in Vlaardingen that is active in the horticultural sector. Since I am originally based in the Westland area (in the Netherlands) and have an affinity with horticulture, this seemed an interesting sector for my graduation project.

After reaching out, I was soon allowed to drop by for an interview. The platform was already very extensive, allowing clients to view their data using various visualisations (overviews, graphs, maps). However, there was not yet a good way to put all this data next to each other and compare it. This led to the idea for the graduation assignment, namely a dashboard on which these visualisations could be displayed and compared.

What also really appealed to me about the assignment was that the functionality created would actually be used. When the assignment was completed, the dashboard became available to all customers.

My graduation assignment was to develop a dashboard where customers could view and compare their data in a complete overview. When the assignment was completed, the dashboard became available to all customers.

The graduation period went by very quickly for me. There was a lot of knowledge present, which I was able to learn a lot from. There was also a pleasant working atmosphere and everyone was willing to help where necessary. The team consisted of both very experienced colleagues (who had been with since the beginning) and recently graduated colleagues. This was pleasant, because this not only provided a lot of knowledge, but also ensured that I could get useful tips on how to make the thesis report.

During graduation, I was already asked if I would like to join the company. I didn't have to think long about it, because I felt right at home here. The Westland mentality suited me and it was a nice team to work with.

With my role as software developer, I work on new applications and maintain existing applications. Because I have been working at for a number of years now, I have already gained a lot of knowledge which I can use, among other things, to implement new functionalities and support my colleagues. Furthermore, I support the support department when clients have questions they cannot answer. Because I already have a lot of experience with the platform, I also get the chance to help think about new functionalities and improving the current ones. Your own input is highly appreciated at