Solutions for suppliers

Become a partner of and combine your knowledge with ours. Together we will create a digital and data driven service for our customers.
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Solutions for suppliers

As a suppliers in the horticultural sector you want to differentiate yourself. Developing a digital service is a very effective way to do this. Unfortunately it is not possible for a lot of the suppliers to develop such a platform to help growers and crop advisors gain insight into raw data developed by (for example climate computers, sensors and smart camera’s) of the suppliers. In these cases is contacted and able to help.


Together with suppliers maps the needs of the customer. Based on these needs is determined how the data can be easily transformed in the most effective and user friendly usable information and presented to the mutual end customer; the grower. Also connects sources at greenhouses, this enables you to integrate the climate data with the data from the product of the supplier. The specialists would like to discuss these options with you, for every question customization is possible. combines raw data with Artificial Intelligence, plant physiology and the knowledge of the products made by the supplier. This way the supplier can better serve its customers, the data adds value to the products of the supplier. Raw data is not enough to generate accurate analysis and results for the customers and partnering with will enable you to transform the data into usable information.


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The customers of love to share their experiences and tell about the way they use They tell about optimizing the cultivation process, making yield predictions and improving production.

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Partners calls the suppliers with whom we cooperate ‘our partners’. Nowadays has over 50 partners. By seeking cooperation, companies empower each other in their expertise. Cooperating means empowering each other! Interested in becoming a partner of Contact us.



It is possible to utilize as a DataHub; a collection of data from multiple products and sources. This way does not enhance the data directly, but rather shares the data with partners, with the given permission of the grower. The partner(s) will individually work with the data and use it to improve their services.