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Data Driven Growing

From traditional to Data Driven Growing

Taking advantage of the latest technological advances, LetsGrow.com empowers growers through its Data Driven Growing (DDG) expertise and platform. Data collected by growers has great value and a real-time, practical use for their daily and long-term growing strategies.

Around the globe, companies and governments are heavily investing in both new and existing greenhouses as well as crop growing expertise. They aim to meet the increased demand for availability of (quality) food in a world that enjoys a growing population. In effect, this also spurs the demand for horticultural knowledge; especially how to grow efficiently and optimally. Read more…

Plant Empowerment

As an implementation partner of Growing by Plant Empowerment (GPE), LetsGrow.com facilitates the practical integration of the GPE-philosophy. This is the reason why the authors have chosen LetsGrow.com as the publisher of their Plant Empowerment book. Moreover, LetsGrow.com serves as the preferred data platform for the GPE-partners to conduct and support their trials and research projects on sustainable growing worldwide.

Get your own copy of the Plant Empowerment book here.

Crop solutions

LetsGrow.com offers growers, crop advisors and suppliers around the world solutions that provide insight into their cultivation data and the current situation in their greenhouse. The available data from the greenhouse is analysed and combined with plant physiological models, field expertise and the extensive experience of growers. Additionally, LetsGrow.com offers consultancy services to customers, both company and crop-specific, further enabling them to make optimal use of their own data.

Solutions for growers

How can I improve the cultivation process to improve my production and product quality? Using LetsGrow.com helps national and international growers answer this question.

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Solutions for crop consultats

LestGrow.com is proving to be a extremely valuable platform for crop experts around the world. It is developed to support your business “monitor at a distance”. It saves you time and gives you with active use a better quality of the services offered.

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Solutions for suppliers

As a suppliers in the horticultural sector you want to differentiate yourself. Developing a digital service is a very effective way to do this. Unfortunately it is not possible for a lot of the suppliers to develop such a platform. In these cases LetsGrow.com is contacted and able to help.

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See how these companies use LetsGrow.com

Customers of LetsGrow.com love to share their experiences about their daily use of the LetsGrow.com platform. Read what they have to say about their personal journeys; optimising the cultivation process, and making harvest predictions and production improvements.

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Our partners

LetsGrow.com extracts raw data from existing hardware products (e.g., climate computers, sensors) that are stored in customers' greenhouses; regardless of brand or model. The platform supports all major systems, it is mostly hardware agnostic, and new collaborations are initiated throughout every year.

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LetsGrow.com allows you to register crop-related data in the MyLetsGrow platform. Among other things, it is possible to centralise data, to make predictions and to use analysis tools. Curious about all the options with MyLetsGrow? Read more about our existing features here. New features are also being developed all the time. Want to stay informed? Follow us on LinkedIn.