General terms and conditions

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General terms and conditions

Before you start using website or products you should read and agree with our general terms and conditions.


Nature of the information

The data and information on servers is supplied by users and can only be made available to other users after the original user has granted permission. The user has the right to reverse this permission at any time. is not responsbile for and/or liable for the accuracy of the data and information supplied.


Supplying data to third parties

The information supplied to by the user will never be made available to third parties by, either intentionally or without the permission of the owner. is neither liable for the confidential information getting into the public domain.


Site content takes the upmost care and attention to the information that is placed on the website. Nevertheless it is possible that the website of has inaccuracies and/or is incomplete.

The information supplied on the website is general information, only indicative and subject to change. The use of data and information on and/or of the website assumes at users’ own risk. accepts no responsibility for damages as a result of inaccuracies or errors, or damages as a result of the use, relying upon or the dissemination of the data and information.


The nature of the Internet

The Internet is not always a reliable form of communication. Occasionally malfunctions, errors, mistakes and/or delays occur. is not liable for damages occurring through malfunctions in the electrical provisions or malfunctions in communication connections or equipment, irrespective of whether these connections or equipment is/are managed by or a third party, or other causes of no or limited use of and the associated facilities of or third parties.


Intellectual property rights website

The website is protected by intellectual property rights. Use of this website in violation of the Copyright Act and other applicable laws and legislations is not permitted. or third parties hold the intellectual property rights in relation to the supplied information on the website. It is not permitted to duplicate this information, to edit it, make it available to the public or exploit it commercially, other than by providing reference to and only where this is legally permitted.


Back-up ensures a regular back-up of data files on the servers, but accepts no responsibility for the possible data loss and subsequent damages arising from this.


Access to the account maintains the right to block an account or data without prior notification if:

  • there is evidence of fraudulent behaviour,
  • a (preliminary) subscription has ended,
  • the e-mail address which was submitted on registering the account does not exist, or does not belong to the moderator or user of the account,
  • the payment of a subscription is not completed within the time period stated on the invoice.


Prices maintains the right to adjust the rates of new subscriptions and prolongation of subscriptions, as well as for other products and services.
The prices stated for products and services exclude VAT.


Connection charges fees for connecting a new device or a connection with another system. A standard rate is used for this. maintains the right to charge extra costs if the connection set-up or the connection with the relevant device cannot be completed in the specified time.


Customisation and adjustments

Customised subscriptions are possible in addition to standard subscriptions. will send a quote prior to the customisation of the requested adjustments, and only commence implementation following receipt of written approval (for example by e-mail) from the user.


Duration and termination

The duration of a contract for a subscription is one year. The contract will automatically be continued for a period of one year under the same conditions, unless termination took place in accordance with the provisions below:

The user is held to a termination period of 1 month: termination of the contract should be done at least one month before the end of the contract. Termination of the contract should be made in writing or by e-mail to the service desk.

If termination occurs prior to the expiration of the contract, the user is still accountable for payment for the rest of the contract term, including, but not limited to, (additional) administration costs when failing to do so.


Storage period data

Data is stored and saved with an interval of 5 minutes and is stored for a duration of 2 years.
Derived data such as day, night and 24 hours data as well as manually entered data, is stored for a duration of 4 years.



The payment must be made within 30 days after the date of the invoice. If the payment term is exceeded, administration costs will be charged.


Privacy policy processes user data according to the privacy policy applied. Using references or hyperlinks on the website, the user can visit other sites where the privacy policy of the concerned organisation is applicable. recommends that you first become familiar with the privacy policy of this organisation before making personal and/or company data available.


Adjustment of General terms and conditions retains the right to amend these general terms and conditions without prior notification.


Dutch law

Dutch law is applicable to these general terms and conditions. Disputes which concern the website or these General terms and conditions will be submitted to a competent court judge.

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