“The connection to LetsGrow.com is the ingenuity behind Rainlevelr” – Erwin Hofman

  • September 16, 2020
    • Success Story

In Rainlevelr, Dutch growers contribute to dry feet by making room in their rainwater basin or silo before heavy rainfall. They do this on a voluntary basis. Delfland informs the gardeners about the precipitation forecast and lets them know when more space is needed. Once Delfland reimburses the extra facilities, the gardener works with them and maintains them. This cooperation reduces the risk of flooding and water damage.

According to Erwin Hofman (Montera Techniek), the ingenuity of Rainlevelr is the link with LetsGrow.com. This allows Delfland to see how much space is available in the basins and, in combination with the precipitation forecast, calculate how much space may be freed up at Rainlevelr participants.

Based on the expected precipitation, it calculates how much may be freed up at Rainlevelr participants. Because the grower himself decides whether to open the valve, the threshold for participation is low. After all, you don't want to have a shortage of irrigation water in dry times. There is no collective basin that growers can use again in dry times, perhaps something to consider.

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