LetsGrow.com takes the next step towards autonomous growing. More insight with LetsGrow Livestream

  • November 11, 2021
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LetsGrow.com has integrated Google Glass into its smart dashboard and hereby presents the most innovative visual data support to date; the LetsGrow Livestream. With the use of Google Glass, it is now possible to enter a greenhouse without setting foot over the threshold. With the LetsGrow Livestream one is digitally ‘in control’ and able to get an even better picture of the crop from a distance.

Digital innovation

In 2020, LetsGrow.com introduced Digital Crop Management. High-quality photos and videos from the greenhouse stream to a central dashboard on the MyLetsGrow platform. The addition of these images is now indispensable in many growing strategies of growers and crop consultants worldwide. The LetsGrow Livestream is a logical next step. Especially at a time when it is increasingly difficult to be physically present at every location at all times. Using sharp images and voice options it is possible to view the crop in more detail. As a user in the greenhouse, you have your hands free to properly visualize the desired parts of the crop. In addition, the viewer can indicate, using speech options, what he would like to take a closer look at. This interaction ensures that the right insights are gained and the desired results are achieved.

The advantages of the LetsGrow Livestream are huge. You get to see a detailed picture with which the right information is available, communication is easy by voice, there is a larger span of control and it saves time.

The next step towards autonomous cultivation

With LetsGrow Livestream, LetsGrow.com takes the next step towards autonomous growing and raises remote monitoring and guidance to an even higher level.

LetsGrow.com explains: “LetsGrow.com is there to optimize business processes and results for all stakeholders such as investors, growers, and advisors. Nowadays, visiting a greenhouse is not always possible and also entering a greenhouse is not without risk. Viruses lie in wait. In addition, greenhouses are located all over the world and there is a lot of travel back and forth between the various locations. The Google Glass offers a solution in these situations and makes it possible to get in touch with each other more often and more easily. In addition, one can see the live images, together with the climate and crop data and any photos, side by side on a dashboard in the MyLetsGrow platform. Correlations between what is seen and what the data indicates can therefore be quickly and easily detected. This enables a grower or crop consultant to respond even better to what is happening. It is like looking over each other’s shoulders. The LetsGrow Livestream is one in a series of innovations that LetsGrow.com will be rolling out shortly”.

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The LetsGrow LiveStream with Google Glass is available today. Are you making the next step in Data-Driven Growing, are you looking for a more efficient way of communicating with real-time visual data? Then get in touch with your regular contact person at LetsGrow.com or fill in the contact form.

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