Sharp increase in use of notifications at Jac Oudijk Gerberas

  • September 29, 2019
    • Success Story

E-mailnotifications of are popular

That our customers of appreciate the added value of the e-mail notifications was well known. However that we would pass the mark of one million send messages in 2017 was unexpected. The usage of this tool is growing exponentially with half a million notifications in 2018 alone. In 2018 a milestone was reached: Dirk Jan and Laurens Oudijk of decorum company Jac Oudijk Gerbera’s of Moerkapelle had the honor of sending the notification that marked a million notifications send. To celebrate this bought a pie large enough to feed the whole company.

”We use the notifications for example to make sure everybody in the comparison group has the same information at the same time. Which make our weekly meeting a lot more efficient”.

Dirk Jan Oudijk, Decorum grower Jac Oudijk Gerbera’s

The notification are also the perfect tool to warn you about situations: “We have a notification that will send you an e-mail when the botrytis model predicts a high chance of infection. Enabling us to make adjustments to the climate to prevent this from happening. Part thanks to the notifications we can guarantee our quality to our customers”. confirms that he sees a rise in usage of the notification function on a weekly basis. The option to send messages was well known amongst our customers. is providing a growing number of models and also develops analytical tools with partners for both we are seeing a strong rise in the number of notifications being set up and used by our customers.

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