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  • April 1, 2021
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2021 is a special year for The company from Vlaardingen, which specialized in collecting, visualizing, and analyzing crop data, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year! The entire year 2021 will therefore be dedicated to this anniversary.

Has really been working with data in horticulture for twenty years? The answer to this question is: Yes! The company was founded in 2001, partly as a result of an initiative by Wageningen University & Research (WUR). The initial goal was to make the models of the WUR available to growers via the Internet, which was a very new technique at the time. Later the company developed further by opening up various cultivation data in order to be able to compare crops. The experience, gained in two decades, has ensured that today is specialized in collecting, visualizing, and analyzing data from growers worldwide. In doing so, they combine the latest technologies with specialist knowledge.

The switch from a comparison platform to the optimization of cultivation by means of extensive data analyses arose from a higher goal. Namely, the need for high-quality food in a growing world population. “In the coming years, many greenhouses will be built to serve this demand for food. In practice, this means that more greenhouses will be built than growers can be trained. So there is more and more need for knowledge of cultivation. So in other words; how can a grower grow as efficiently and optimally as possible in a sustainable way and how do you make this scalable, repeatable and predictable?” Thus

Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, we were not able to bring our entire team together for the photo. Here you see the Sales team of From left to right: Kim Helderman, Martin van Tol, Winny van Heijningen and Ton van Dijk.

The plant is the central view of everything

At the plant is always central. The models and analyses are based on the principles of Plant Empowerment. This is an integrated approach to the sustainable cultivation of crops by supporting the balance of the plant and the greenhouse. The starting point is to stimulate and support the natural growth of plants by creating optimal growth conditions, both above ground and in the root zone. Ton: “By guiding growers with the Plant Empowerment theory and by providing visual insight into their data via our platform MyLetsGrow, they can make the step from traditional cultivation to data-driven cultivation. We use technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for our models and always put plant physiology at the heart of this, we call this Expert Intelligence. We combine this with Expert Knowledge, the knowledge of our specialists and that of our customers, to achieve the best possible result for the customer.”

A strong team of more than 40 people

Over the past 20 years, the company has undergone considerable development in its services, but the team has also grown. Today the team consists of almost 40 people. Ton is proud of the growth of the team and the developments they have made and are still making: “We employ many different types of people. Some with backgrounds in horticulture, but also people with knowledge of other technical branches or for example in sales and marketing. Our club is very diverse in knowledge, but also in gender and age. We combine young HBO and university-educated talents, with some very experienced colleagues In addition, we also have a variety of male and female or cultural backgrounds. That makes us a dynamic group that is very well balanced”.

Personal growth and lots of fun also pays a lot of attention to a pleasant working atmosphere and personal development. Ton explains: “We think a healthy and pleasant company culture is very important and also encourages our people to continue to grow personally.

“The lines are short with us and therefore you can really strengthen each other as a team. In addition, we do a lot to recruit new enthusiastic colleagues. By encouraging a good work-life balance and offering a pleasant working environment. Despite the fact that we are all working at home a lot now, we do try to maintain the connection with our colleagues. Above all, work should be fun!”.

Celebrating the anniversary

To celebrate its twentieth anniversary, has various actions planned. “Of course, we are going to celebrate this milestone throughout the year. We are going to use our LinkedIn channel to share interesting articles in which we look back at the history of and look ahead to what the future will bring us. Of course, we want to include our clients in this vision of the future. That is why we are looking at the possibilities of organizing something for our clients. Offline or online, we are leaving those options open in this uncertain time”.

Interested in has made several development leaps in the past twenty years. In recent years the company has been developing at an enormous pace and will certainly continue to do so in the coming years. Are you a grower and would you like to become acquainted with the possibilities of Check out our vacancies. 

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