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Through data analysis we can make the next step.

The production numbers have been good already for many years, this for the kilo’s harvested and the quality we produce. Still as a grower and a company you want to keep improving. The question remains: “What can help you get to the next level?”. A very extensive data analysis map all actions and goals reached and compile these into information, which allows you to improve both the production and the quality of your product. makes data analysis available for all growers.

In the greenhouse industry the developments around data-analysis have come a long way in recent years. By using advanced Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques it is possible to make analysis that the human brain cannot perform. With this development the greenhouse industry is transforming and improving quantitatively as well as qualitatively.

When these modern technologies are combined with knowledge and plant physiology models, this offers large potential to further optimize cultivation processes. had the competencies and was able to perform a data analyse by Vereijken.

Director Hans Vereijken: “We believe in growing based on data. For years already we are using to compare the data between our nurseries on a central platform. We want an internal discussion what we intent to achieve and how we aim to achieve this, instead of discussing in hindsight how something happened. made a new tool recently allowing us to apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act method. However we wanted to do and know more”. has developed a tool the Light Usage Efficiency (LUE) data analysis and used data from four years over five locations. The LUE shows us how efficient the transformation was from radiation to production. From the analysis it shows that this fluctuated too much over the years. The data-analysis provided a lot of information to think about.

Peter Hendriks: “Vereijken has been a valued customer of our company for years. We have always stored their data according to our agreement, just like we do with our other customers. Now we offer our customers the opportunity to use this data to pinpoint where there is room for improvement. As well as what they can improve. Then the grower and his crop consultant can work with this data to make improvements. We also offer the service to monitor if the improvements are implemented and working. With the climate monitor we have a tool that allows you to see (on a five minute basis) if the climate is in balance. Allowing for potentially major improvements.

Hans and his growers have followed a training Data Driven Growing. Through this training he wants to gain a better understanding in the results of the data analysis, to link the theories and research with real life cases so he could apply them in practice. Thanks to an increase in measuring equipment it becomes harder to combine all data into useful information.

Vereijken: “For this purpose we need additional tools, we also need to be able to use this data. Optimizing our way of growing. Using this data analysis enabled us to make the next step as a company”.

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