SenseNL enters into partnership with SenseNL

The year 2021 was a successful year for The 20th anniversary was celebrated and many new modules and features were added to the MyLetsGrow platform. More and more growers worldwide are cultivating data-driven products and in order to make this even easier for them, is now joining forces with SenseNL.

SenseNL is a producer of the wireless substrate-independent CARA MET sensor. This sensor provides insight into what is happening in the root zone of a plant. Good information from the substrate mat and water is of great value when it comes to watering in a greenhouse. By measuring things like water content, EC and temperature of the substrate mat or block as accurately as possible, the irrigation and fertilization strategy can be optimized. The CARA MET sensors are used to measure at several measurement points in the greenhouse and create a good profile of what is actually happening in the substrate mat or block. In addition to the resulting insights, the data can also be used in decision support tools. For example, a grower can, in combination with the expected radiation, automatically determine what time the last watering should take place. This ultimately leads to a higher quality and quantity of the crop.

A partnership with a vision of the future

The collaboration with SenseNL and the eventual offering of the CARA MET sensor is one that fits with the vision for the future of Ton van Dijk, Global Head of Sales & Operations at explains: “At we get out of bed every day for just one thing: Improving our clients’ results. We do this by turning data into valuable information through data collection, visualization, analysis and ultimately optimization. Everything to give the grower more insight into what is happening in the greenhouse. SenseNL is a good match for us in this respect, as they are striving for the same values”.

Bonny Heeren, of SenseNL agrees: “Enabling a grower to really get everything out of the crop, just like, is what we do it for at SenseNL. We often talk about ‘precision irrigation’ and with the CARA MET sensor and the data analyses from this is quite possible. The accurate data from the sensor ultimately provides reliable data which can subsequently be used in a wide range of applications. From irrigation strategy to, for example, crop harvest forecasts.

By offering the CARA MET sensor via, making it accessible via the MyLetsGrow platform and subsequently linking it to smart decision support tools, can help a grower to further improve the irrigation and therefore the result.

Would you like more information about the deployment of the CARA MET sensor in your farm? Leave your details via this link: and we will contact you as soon as possible!

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