Solutions for growers

Optimize your processes by using your data in the greenhouse made available to you.
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Solutions for growers

The question growers is: “How can I improve the cultivation process to improve my production and product quality?”. Using helps national and international growers answer this question.

20 years ago started as a spinoff of Wageningen University & Research (WUR), to make the plant models of the WUR available. Enabling the growers to analyze their data and make decisions upon this data. Later the option was added to share the data in real time with others. The last 20 years is continuously innovating and has been developed into the most complete digital platform to support growers with information on which they can make operational and strategic decisions.

How it works

Raw data is collected from different sources in the greenhouse (climate computers, sensors, robots and sorting lines, etc.) and are transformed by and their partners into valuable information for the grower. The application of smart software is combined through Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the latest knowledge in plant physiology and more and more data generated in the greenhouse. Next to this growers are getting more accurate analyses, predictions and new insights into various variables in the greenhouse. Information regarding the health of the plant, the climate, watering, energy usage, labor, pests and the combination of all these factors. By using it becomes easier for the grower to optimize the cultivation process and increase production.

The last years has developed itself in the area of data-analysis. Our team of specialized data analysts are hired by recommended companies to help solve complex questions regarding cultivation or explain anomalies found in the cultivation process. All of this to help optimize your cultivation processes and your results.


  • All available data on one dashboard;
  • Make the dashboard that the customer wants;
  • Share the data with different stakeholders to achieve better results;
  • Increase the quality of data internally and externally;
  • Working with means getting more work done in less time;
  • Crop advisor get view of the process and can provide better advice.

Are you a grower and searching for a solution that is not in this list? The data-analysis, software developers and plant physiologists of love a challenge and develop custom solutions for growers on a regular basis.


See how these companies use

The customers of love to share their experiences and tell about the way they use They tell about optimizing the cultivation process and making harvest prognoses and improving production.

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Crop advisor

It is possible to share totally or partially your data with you crop advisor. You have the option to set goals and discuss results, share photos or make a visit report. Al this data is stored and visible for everybody that you decide to share the data with.


Many suppliers have a system that generates data. As a grower you want one place were all this data is collected. At this location you want all the data and information in easy to read dashboard that you use to make informed decisions. is that central place in your company. Is your supplier not yet a partner of That is an easy fix we would love to solve for you. Please click here.