LetsGrow.com services: personalized dashboard

LetsGrow.com services: personalized dashboard

23 April 2020

MyLetsGrow Services

MyLetsGrow has many functionalities. LetsGrow.com-users have the option to create personalized dashboards. These personal dashboards are shown first when the grower opens MyLetsGrow at any time of the day, anywhere in the world. To make optimal use of these functionalities, LetsGrow.com supports the growers in setting up their dashboards. This could be new or existing users or new employees within a company.

With this support, the consultants of LetsGrow.com guide the growers remotely through MyLetsGrow. In addition, the growers are informed of all new functionalities and more. Together with the consultant, the growers organize MyLetsGrow completely according to their wishes. The consultants look at the situation, preferences and needs per grower. In this way, growers quickly and easily gain insight into the available data from the greenhouse on which analysis can be based.

The remote guidance has the advantage that there is no travel time and it is flexible to schedule. Moreover, it does not matter where the grower is located: at home, from a holiday address or at a workplace. Given the amount of functionalities, it is possible to have the session recorded by the consultant, so the growers can review and listen to the explanation at any time. This is also useful for any new employees within a company.

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