3 tips for growing with high outside temperatures

3 tips for growing with high outside temperatures

24 June 2020

Outside Temperatures Tips

In the coming days, temperatures will rise to 32 degrees Celsius in the Netherlands. What does this mean for growers and how can they respond to this to ensure that the crop remains stress free?

With the rise in temperature, the radiation level also rises. Radiation is the driving force of photosynthesis (hence assimilate production), when it is used in an optimal way. Below you can find three tips that will support growers to maintain plant balances:

Decrease greenhouse temperature
Certainly greenhouse temperature needs to be decreased. Opening your vents to 100% is not the only option. By maintaining your windows in a lower level you can initiate transpiration / evaporation. By this you can use your plants as cooling systems for decreasing your temperature.

Misting system
Stomata needs to be maintained open. Therefore, Relative Humidity should not drop dramatically. In case that you do have a misting system this is the best time to use it, but please be careful. The goal of a misting system is to increase the humidity of the greenhouse and not to “spray” the top level of the canopy.

Shading screens
Shading screen more than ever! Especially for high wire crops, the most important factor of your greenhouse is the flower temperature. Use the shading screen to decrease the direct radiation to the crop and specifically the flowers.


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