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Van den Berg Est best Dutch Hortensia grower


Van den Berg Est BV is the best grower of Hortensia in The Netherlands. Marjanne and Tom van den Berg won the Hortensia Award with their Hydrangea macrophylla Caipirinha®. Grower Tom van den Berg: “It all starts with balance.”

Marjanne and Tom van den Berg from Est started growing Hortensia’s for indoor and outdoor uses in 2004. Besides, their company Van den Berg Est BV is a high quality producer of Poinsettia and 1-year-plants. Every friday and saturday the products are being sold at the nursery.

Average vase life of over 35 days!

In week 12 Marjanne en Tom van den Berg admitted the Hydrangea macrophylla Caipirinha® for a test by Knowlede Centre for Product Quality Royal FloraHolland. Caipirinha is a new Hortensia with a distinctive colour. The Hortensia starts green, turns white and then again turns green.

The test was constisted of three phases: Transport (96 hour, 15ºC, packed, in a tray), Shop (72 hour, 20ºC, in a tray) and Consumer (840 hours/35 days). The result: a average vase life of over 35 days!

Three different variables

“At our nursery the plants are the starting point of all our decisions”, says Tom van den Berg. ” Throughout the year we use three different variables: energy, water and ‘assimalates’ of the plant. Therefor our stock is healthier and have more resisant and our customers can enjoy our plants much longer.”

Monitoring these balances is highly automated at Van den Berg Est BV. The company uses the Climate Monitor by LetsGrow.com. Yuri Alsemgeest of LetsGrow.com congratulated Van den Berg Est BV with a delicious cake.


Prevent diseases and damage with Thermoview 48

If the temperature of a flower or fruit drops below the dew point several diseases may arise, such as botrytis and head rot. However, if the temperature is too high, there is a risk of damage. LetsGrow.com now has the solution for this: a thermal camera that can be combined with data from your climate computer. The Thermoview 48 measures the temperature in your crop and gives a signal when, for example, the crop reaches the dew point.

themoview letsgrow

LetsGrow.com collects and analyzes all data professional growers need to improve their production and business operation and to eliminate risks. Manager Peter Hendriks from LetsGrow.com: "We’re often asked if we have a solution to prevent diseases and damage. Wouldn’t it be nice if the growers gets a signal when flowers or fruits are too hot or too cold? This way you can prevent damage and diseases. Much wiser than only betting on the cure after the fact!"


LetsGrow.com is launching the Thermoview 48 together with a supplier of thermal imaging cameras. Hendriks: "We’re very proud of this. With this thermal camera, connected to the LetsGrow.com platform, it is possible to measure fruit, flower and plant temperatures in real time with only one device!"

themoview camera
The LetsGrow.com platform also provides access to other data sources, so it’s possible to obtain both the temperature and the RH from the climate computer or other (wireless) sensors in real-time. This way the dew point can be calculated. Hendriks emphasizes that the camera is an extension and not a replacement of existing climate computer sensors.

“I steer to this now”

Some growers recently tested the Thermoview 48 and LetsGrow.com and could so experience the effect of crop radiation on head temperatures. One cucumber grower: "You can clearly see the effect of screening on the head temperature. I can see it in the charts, but also in the photos that are taken every hour and are playable as a movie. That gives me a lot of insight into the behavior of the heads under different conditions. I steer to this now. I consult the result with my crop advisor. And we have many meaningful discussions about the newly generated insights."

thermoview graph
Vertical temperature differences

In conjunction with the LetsGrow.com platform the Thermoview 48 provides more relevant information, says Hendriks. "For example, it is possible to detect vertical temperature differences at one glance. You really know what's going on with your crop, in real-time and with historical data."

"With LetsGrow I extract more information from my greenhouse"

"Pushing the limits of Next Generation Growing"

Joost Matijsen grows high wire cucumbers. In itself that is not so unique in the Netherlands anymore. He is a leader when it comes to relying on automation in the greenhouse. With the LetsGrow system he pushes the limits of cultivation. "Thanks to the data we can move forward with Next Generation Growing."

Joost Matijsen grows high wire cucumbers for Green Diamonds on 3 hectares in Etten-Leur. To optimize cultivation he has been working with the modules developed by crop advisor and Next Generation Growing (HNT) trainer Peter Geelen for LetsGrow.com for years. The climate computer sends information to the system. "LetsGrow adds up and clarifies the data. This way connections can be made and more information can be extracted from the greenhouse."


Information sharing
Two years ago Matijsen installed vertical fans and a plastic screen to move forward with HNT. He follows HNT courses that use LetsGrow analyses. Matijsen: "Then we can discuss them at the next meeting. It makes the conversation more reliable and faster."

Isn’t that precisely what makes growers shudder; sharing information with potential competitors? That’s not how he sees it. "If you are willing to share data you can have a good and honest discussion. And when you are an HNT student you’ve already opened up to something new. You’ll be pushing limits to move forward. And then it's nice when others are observing. Together you can go further, that’s the big advantage.”

Green Diamonds
Besides the HNT course group Matijsen also collaborates within the Green Diamonds cooperative. The growers want to distinguish themselves on quality and assume that the life span of a cucumber begins with the plant. Matijsen: "The longer it hangs on the plant, the shorter the life span. The cucumber is the opposite of a cut-price chicken. The faster a cucumber grows, the tastier and fresher it comes off the plant. You can hang a plant full of cucumbers, but that won’t improve the quality."
This is why growers make plant load predictions in combination with light incidence. "With the right scale you can immediately see how you should steer. Whether extra pruning is needed, or if next year you should get an extra stalk in." LetsGrow data are shared in this regard as well.

If it’s up to Matijsen, automation can go much further in the future: "What we use now is a robust system. Thanks to, for example, Peter Geelen’s modules LetsGrow is already calculating the numbers from the climate computer. What if you start steering on the basis of those numbers? HNT has shown that you have to attune the daily temperature to the amount of light. If you have a lot of light, you use a higher temperature."
"A next step could be to feed information back from LetsGrow to the climate computer." Not being involved with the greenhouse at all – that's something he doesn’t see happening. "But we do see with HNT that most problems happen overnight. You need your sleep so you won’t notice it until morning. And then you can’t do anything about it anymore. To overcome this, you will ultimately have to rely on automation."

Migration LetsGrow servers

On 12 November at 18:00 CET we are migrating our servers to another data center. We expect to be up again at 22:00 CET.

LetsGrow.com continues to innovate! We constantly strive to expand and improve our products and services.

As you know your data is stored in our secure database. Our servers and database are not hosted “in the cloud” but in a physical location in a data center in Rotterdam. Because the servers are now due for replacement, we also selected a new data center. In the new data center, we have our own, new, physical servers.

With the migration to the new data center and servers, we also implemented a quality improvement, resulting in an even higher availability and reliability. We ensure that everything is dual (redundant) performed: the servers, the software and the database. If any of these components malfunction, then the other one will take over. You won't even notice this.

What does this mean for you?
· The site will not be available for a couple of hours.
· The preparations are made so that data loss will not occur.

We are fully busy with preparations for the migration and will keep you informed the coming days.

Keep an eye on our website!

LetsGrow launches new web site

LetsGrow.com launches on April 21, its completely redesigned website.
Besides a new look and feel LetsGrow.com is now also optimized for mobile devices like tablet and phone.

Always logged in

LetsGrow.com has added the possibility to stay permanently logged in. In the upper right corner login section is added the option "Stay logged in".



This option is used per PC. When your computer is used with one Windows user profile on one PC and each user has it's own LetsGrow.com account, then the permanently logged in function cannot be used.


Please use the function with caution. Be advised that everybody using your pc can also use your LetsGrow.com account, without loggin in first.


You can disable the permanently logged in function easily by clicking "log out" and unchecking the checkbox.


LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor

LetsGrow.com has developed the Climate Monitor. The LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor tells you if there is a reason to adjust the cultivation control. The Climate Monitor allows you to monitor the climate real-time and summarizes the factors that determine the climate.

Climate is a combination of different growing factors. Each radiation level has certain thresholds for these factors for an optimal climate. You can determine the thresholds for temperature, humidity and CO₂ yourself to define your optimal climate.


climate monitor limits

The Climate Monitor shows if the optimal climate is realized, registers deviations and displays this in graphs and overviews. Via e-mail notification you can automatically mail the deviations to yourself.
The Climate Monitor enables growers of all crops to follow the important growing factors temperature, humidity and CO₂ in relation to the radiation (PAR).

Want to know more about the Climate Monitor? Read the full article or contact us via our servicedesk or call us at +31-10-4608108.



Jack van Dongen wins Horticulture Digital iPad!


The iPad that was raffled off to visitors to the Horticulture Digital Square was won by Jack van Dongen (Terheijden). LetsGrow.com was one of the participants of this square during the Horticulture Relations days in Gorinchem.2011-03-04_JackvanDongen


Jack was the owner of a cut-plant and cut-flowers nursery for many years. He called it a healthcare nursery, because he also offered work to a group of people with limited intellect. When the healthcare nursery grew too large, he decided to work for a garden centre. His own nursery became a side-business, but still with a size of 1.5 hectares.


Jack continues to monitor developments in ornamental horticulture. This is why he also visited the Horticulture Relations days in Gorinchem. Innocuously putting the winning ticket in the post box, he was lucky at the Horticulture Digital Square. Jack’s reaction was: “I have never won anything in my life!”

The iPad was donated on behalf of the participating companies at the Horticulture Digital Square: Q-ray, LetsGrow.com, Groeinet, E-man, Uniware, FloraHolland, Koper Automatisering, Van Aken Automatisering, Ctac, Florilog, Frugicom and Florecom.


LetsGrow.com invests in new servers


www.LetsGrow.com not available on Saturday, September 17


For some time we are preparing a transition to new, powerful servers for LetsGrow.com. The main aim of the new servers is that we can meet the increasing number of subscribers. We also want to increase performance in order to speed up the data access and applications for our customers. In addition, the new hardware opens the opportunity to develop additional applications and services.


Meanwhile, the new servers are purchased and installed. The following week, various tests on the servers will be performed. On September 17 the software will be moved from the old to the new servers.


We have evaluated different scenarios for the conversion. The LetsGrow.com databases are of substantial size, hence the transfer from the old to the new servers will take some time. To minimize risk of data loss and to avoid complex procedures, Friday evening, September 16 and Saturday, September 17 www.LetsGrow.com is unavailable for customers.


As far as we can see no data will be lost during the time that LetsGrow.com is not available due to the fact that most devices can buffer data locally.
We will try to perform the transition as quickly as possible and expect that somewhere during September 17 LetsGrow.com all functionality will be available again.


If you have any questions about the above then please contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


The LetsGrow.com team


Conditional E-mail notification

With LetsGrow.com you can automatically email graphs, charts and data export to different email addresses.
Whether you want to send a single email or wish to send a daily email on a selected email address or even multiple e-mail addresses, there are many possibilities.

The Email notifications are now extended with conditional mail. You will receive an email if certain conditions are met.
For example, you can get a message when the RH has fallen below a certain value.

The graphs and charts send via email notifications can also be viewed on your phone or iPad.

You decide when and to whom you send the emails. You can send an unlimited number of emails.

Read more in the manual.


Microsoft Internet Explorer 11


Recently, Microsoft has released Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 11. You will automatically get IE if you have enabled automatic updates.


As a result of the new IE version, some things have changed, also in the use of LetsGrow.com. For proper operation of LetsGrow.com it is very important that you turn on Compatibility View.


Read more about Internet Explorer.


Collaboration with E-man: CHP return


LetsGrow.com has developed an application for you with E-man Software to clearly see the return of your CHP. The CHP return application using LetsGrow.com gives E-man the data of gas use of your CHP and the gross electricity production in real-time.

If required, E-man receives the validated measuring data from the measuring company a day later. With this, the electric return on the CHP and the number of hours of operation can be calculated.


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