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LetsGrow.com enables registration of crop data through MyLetsGrow. Allowing you to centralize the data and make predictions as well as process it in analytical tools. Curious about all the possibilities of MyLetsGrow? You will find more information on this page.

Gearbox Dashboard

In today’s data-driven market, where knowledge is both essential and scarce, and where growing remotely becomes increasingly commonplace, there ...

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Data Driven Growing training

LetsGrow.com has over 20 years of experience with Data Driven Growing. Making the team experts on data driven growing and ...

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Plant Empowerment

Plant Empowerment is the roadmap towards Data Driven Growing. Data Driven Growing ensures consistency in the production and the optimal ...

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Centralising your data

LetsGrow.com enables the central collection and storing of data of different production locations and allows you to analyse this ...

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Analysis tools

MyLetsGrow has a wide range of tools to visualize your data. These enable you to spot anomalies; to analyze graphs ...

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AI predictions

With the arrival of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its many applications, we have entered a new age. LetsGrow.com uses ...

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Comparing data

Because you can share and compare your data between locations, growers and other companies, you are able to benchmark based ...

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Data Analysis

Every greenhouse and crop reacts differently depending on the circumstances. That is why it is very important to analyse what ...

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Monitoring tools

When the data analysis is finished, LetsGrow.com will have mapped the ideal cultivation strategy and target values for your ...

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In recent years, the demand for data has grown exponentially, however, this demand has existed for far longer than that. ...

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