Gearbox Dashboard

Gearbox Dashboard

In today’s data-driven market, where knowledge is both essential and scarce, and where growing remotely becomes increasingly commonplace, there are great opportunities for optimized growing. A perfect example is the connection between’s MyLetsGrow and Gearbox’s GearSense.

GearSense takes photos of your crop 24/7, from any desired angle, and thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is even capable of determining how your crop develops. In the long run, using GearSense cuts out the need for manual registration of fruit setting and maturation while simultaneously decreasing your risk of human errors. Furthermore, all data is consistently captured which is essential for an effective Data Driven Growing (DDG) strategy.

You can then easily find your data and photos on your Gearbox Dashboard within MyLetsGrow. This dashboard allows you to instantly view the climate circumstances your crop experienced at the time the photo was taken. By simply following the climate graph with your cursor, you will see the matching crop photo on your right. Standard date range options are 24 hours, one week, four weeks, six months, and a year, and you may select any other range by simply entering a start and end date.

Of course, you can also opt to view a time-lapse of your crop within the dashboard. You decide from what angle and date range you prefer to watch time pass, allowing you to witness your crop’s development with your own eyes.

Furthermore, by connecting your wealth of continuously generated data to a yield prediction AI model, you eventually become capable of generating fully automated, yet highly accurate, yield predications.

Last but not least, the central location of your data ensures that you are able to see the current state of your crop and how it develops, from any country or place in the world; an option which extends to (your) consultants and crop advisors.

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