In recent years, the demand for data has grown exponentially, however, this demand has existed for far longer than that. has been active with data analysis for over 20 years. The first automated connections with climate computers were developed in 2003. In 2010, with explicit permission from the customer, external companies started using the platform as an independent DataHub.

Currently, over 50 organizations in the horticultural sector are using as a DataHub at more than 1500 greenhouse nurseries. Greenhouse owners are in full control of their data at all times and they choose what information they want to share.

Part of’s core strengths is that the services offered reach further than supplying the customer with data. There are numerous examples of collaborations where provided added value to the partner, therefore strengthening the existing partnership. Together, this allows us to further improve our mutual customer services.

Data is not simply data. Data tells a story, and understanding the essence of that story, capturing the core principles and sharing these with companies as guidelines for their day-to-day business activities, therefore supporting their targets… that is what we bring to the table. That is our strength.

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