Solutions for Crop Consultants

Monitor the progress of the crop and add value to your customer.
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Solutions for Crop Consultants is proving to be an extremely valuable platform for Crop Consultants around the world. It is developed to support your business “monitor at a distance”. It saves you time and gives you with active use a better quality of the services offered. On top of this you are increasing the profit of the customer by using With monitoring at a distance, has developed the perfect tool for crop advisors. monitoring at a distance is usable in several ways:

  • A central point were all the relevant data is collected from all customers: climate data and crop figures.
  • An analytical tool for crop figures and overall strategy
  • A real-time communication tool to communicate with your customers

Monitoring at a distance

As crop consultant you want to stay informed of the crop strategy of your customers. To do this you need information “How is the growth of the plant?”, “What is the current climate?”, “What is the watering strategy?”, “Wat is the pest pressure?” etc. Normally lots of Excel files are used, which combined with pictures are mailed between the advisor and his customer.

These are manual tasks that require typing and collecting the information from the climate computer combining this with pictures and sending it through e-mail. has a solution which will solve a number of these problems as well as automating them and make sure all the customers get the same information. These two points make sure your information is always up-to-date and enable you to conduct your work more efficient and be able to suggest solutions faster to the customer.

All crop information in one place

By using you have the same information from all the customers structured together. Always in the same overview making sure everybody is interpreting the information in a similar manner.

Through combining crop data and sharing the data with each other as well as calculating core figures together with placing and sharing pictures with this data will help to keep an overview of the situation. The platform will transform data into usable information. It will also enable the real-time sharing of information.

When you are visiting the customer you know what is going on and can get to the point immediately.

Staying informed

We have made several functionalities that are very convenient for crop consultants. No matter what, you can login at and check on the status. You can always check on one of several customers.

Next to this the e-mail notification enables you to see per graph or overview what you want to see and receive per e-mail. This can be per period (day, week or month) but also based on conditions. This means it is possible to set that you only want to get an e-mail then the temperature goes above a certain point (for example greenhouse temperature) or goes below a certain average (18 degrees celcius). Or of the line differs too much from other lines. You will get the graph in the mail and will stay better informed because of this.

Possibilities for analysis combines monitoring at a distance several data sources making analysis possible. We have made several analysis tools. We are always open for good ideas. Also we can supply custom tools that are only available for you and your customers.

Some examples of analytical tools that are already there are the RTR graph and the climate monitor. With the RTR graph it is possible to place the radiation versus the temperature and they need to stay within a certain bandwith. This enable you to see in one overview if you are staying within the lines and spot days that were outside of the lines.

With the climate monitor it is possible to monitor the desired temperature, RH and CO2 with a RAD. Our cloud software will show you when growth conditions are favorable so you have a quick overview without having to scan all the graphs.