Next level Data Driven Growing

Next level Data Driven Growing

08 January 2021

For a grower, it is not unthinkable that his crop management system becomes his best full-time crop consultant in the nearby future. Think of a crop monitoring system that sends sensor data about the water, energy, and assimilates balance of the plants to a central data platform.

Based on all this data, the system takes decisions and controls the greenhouse climate in such a way that crop growth is optimized. This may sound like science fiction, but it is becoming a reality. The first steps have already been taken and are described in the previous whitepaper about “Data Driven Growing in practice.” The focus was on the following questions: ‘What happened?’ and ‘Why did it happen?’ or ‘What will happen?’ and ‘What is the best that could happen?’. Knowing the best thing that could happen is the ultimate goal for crop growth optimization. As already stressed in the first whitepaper about “Data-Driven Growing in practice,” data quality is crucial. Creating a high-quality dataset requires regular calibration of sensors, consistent crop registrations, and also data cleaning.

This takes time and commitment but is indispensable for a correct analysis. Only with a high- quality dataset it is possible to complete the last complicated steps in data analytics. Whereby algorithms and models play a decisive role.

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