Data Driven Growing in Practice

Data Driven Growing in Practice

08 January 2021

Data is a hot topic in the horticultural sector. More and more companies are implementing data-based solutions. A lot of new research and development is based on data and therefore also vacancies for data analysts in horticulture start to pop up. However, why has data become so essential? Is data analysis really that profitable? Which data should be collected? How important is data quality? How to start with data analysis? Which tools must be used? For answering these questions, understanding the fundamentals of data analysis is crucial.

To get started with Data Driven Growing, data needs to be available. Therefore, the first step is the collection of data. Where is this data coming from and how to store all this data?

Data Visualization 
Data analysis in horticulture is more than just making graphs in a spreadsheet. With data analysis, it all starts with the process of data collection, storage, and cleaning. A high-quality dataset creates many possibilities for data analysis, like answering questions such as what happened and why did it happen? Visualizing data with data analysis can be essential in finding the correct answers. When
combining data from multiple sources, tools such as a dashboard, the climate monitor or plant balance RTR are essential to present results in a clear way.

Data Driven Growing requires knowledge of data analysis. As a grower or consultant, it is essential to get in contact with the right parties that can help to make the transition to Data Driven Growing. Important selection criteria are having a central data platform, knowledge of plants, practical experience in horticulture, available tools and transparency regarding privacy and data ownership. Only by using the right platform it is possible to implement data-driven growing in practice fully.

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