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LetsGrow.com is an online platform for registering cultivation related data. The cultivation related data which you can register, are: Meteorological (atmospheric climate), Climate (in the greenhouse), Water, Energy, Labour, Plant and Production. It is possible to compare your data with other departments within the company and others, for example your study club, as well.





The functionality of LetsGrow.com is divided into modules. A module contains the data that you register on LetsGrow.com. Various modules are available; for example for a specific type of crop or a specific use like energy management. Some modules are made in cooperation with partners. LetsGrow.com adds new functions to LetsGrow.com frequently.
A module has a few characteristics:

  • Data is registered in a module.
  • A module has a start and end date.
  • Many modules have the option to collect data automatically from your climate computer as well as enter the data manually. 
  • You can configure the modules yourself: couple data from your climate computer with the items in the module which automatically sends them to LetsGrow.com.

You can purchase one or multiple modules. Please contact our service desk.



Example: tomato


LetsGrow.com is available for all crops under glass. For each crop other data is relevant. Therefore, various modules are available. Below an example for the crop tomato. A tomato grower can register and compare the following data:

  • Meteorological Module: radiation, atmospheric temperature, atmospheric RH, among other things.
  • Climate Module: temperature in the greenhouse, RH, temperature of tubes, position of screen, CO₂, among other things.
  • Water Module: water supplied and drained per m², EC- and pH-values, water uptake, among other things.
  • Energy Module: gas use per m³, amount of CHP hours of operation, among other things.
  • Plant Module: number of stalks per m², weight of bunch, weight of fruit, among other things. 
  • Labor Module: time and costs for cutting leaves, biology, harvesting, among other things. 
  • Production Module: production, profit, among other things. 

Would you like more information about a module? Or would you like to know which data you can register and compare at LetsGrow.com for your crop? Please contact our service desk.



Tailor-made products


In addition to the standard modules LetsGrow.com also has tailor-made products. This way, we fully meet your needs. We can add special calculations or graphs can be customized. Please contact our service desk so we can identify your needs and discuss the possibilities.


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