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How LetsGrow.com works

Crop groups


Modules and tailor-made products


The functionality of LetsGrow.com is divided into modules. A module contains the data that you register on LetsGrow.com. Various modules are available. LetsGrow.com offers tailor-made products as well, to meet your specific needs. For more information about our modules and tailor-made products, please contact our service desk.





A crop is a logical combination of data. Characteristics of a crop:

  • A crop has a start and end date. Calculations for, for example, sums (radiation sum, total production) are carried out based on these dates.
  • A crop has a surface. A number of values are calculated back to m² to be able to compare them. \
  • The data in a crop come from one or multiple modules. 

Crops can be compared with, for example, other growers. It is also possible to compare your own crops over multiple years.



teeltgroep ENCrop group


A crop group is a user group where the users share data based on crops. Characteristics of a crop group:

  • A crop group has a moderator. The moderator is the person that creates the crop group.
  • The moderator invites other users. 
  • The moderator makes graphs and overviews in the crop group. These graphs and overviews will automatically be shown in the accounts of the other users in the crop group.
  • The participants in the crop group can add crops. The crops are compared in the crop group. 
  • Users can participate with or without a crop. Users without a crop are often other staff members of a grower or instructors and supervisors. 

You decide with whom you share your data. If a new user likes to participate in the crop group, all users are asked for their permission to share the data. You are the owner of your data


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