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How LetsGrow.com works

LetsGrow.com offers the possibility to register and to analyze cultivation related data via an online platform. You can compare your data with colleagues from your study club, but you can also compare multiple locations. You can also grant your crop advisor access to your data, free of charge, for him to be able to offer you better and more efficient support. You are the owner of your data, so you determine who can see the data.

There are specific modules available that have been developed in consultation with other suppliers. The supplier automatically obtains the data in that specific module. In collaboration with another supplier LetsGrow.com has developed multiple modules for energy management. Data is automatically sent to the other supplier. Easy, fast and reliable. LetsGrow.com works together with several partners.

You can enter data manually or couple your climate computer with LetsGrow.com. By coupling your climate computer the desired data is automatically sent to LetsGrow.com. With an internet connection you have 24/7 access to real-time data all around the world. Depending on the brand of your climate computer, a LetsGrow.com staff member will, in consultation with you, install a small program on your computer to send the data automatically to LetsGrow.com. Please refer to ‘step 2’ of How do I start using the LetsGrow.com services. Besides all popular brands of climate computers, you can connect several other devices to LetsGrow.com.


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  1. The data is sent automatically from your climate computer to LetsGrow.com over the Internet. 
  2. Your data is stored in the LetsGrow.com database: 5-minute values for 2 years. Daytime, nighttime and 24-hour period values for 4 years. 
  3. Your data will be yours and you are in control, with who you share and what you do with it.
  4. You can log into LetsGrow.com and go to your own secured section in LetsGrow.com. You can view your data here in graphs and overviews and share with other LetsGrow.com users.


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  1. Users are members of a ‘user group’. In the example are shown users A, B and C, which are members of the ‘Tomato Grof’ (Beef Tomatoes) group. Users A, D, E, F and G are members of the ‘Tomato Tros’ (Vine Tomatoes) group. Users can be a member of multiple user groups.
  2. Data can be shared with users in a group. In the example shown users A, B and C can share data with each other. Users A, D, E, F and G can also share data with each other. Users C and E cannot share data together. 
  3. You cannot share data that another user have shared with you. You can only share your own data with others. In the example shown user A can share data with user B. User A cannot share data of B with user G.



  • At all times you decide who has access to your data.
  • There are several ways in which you can share data. The most common method is to share via crop groups. A crop group is a user group that shares crops.


Start using LetsGrow.com
To start using LetsGrow.com you have to follow a number of steps. 


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