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What is LetsGrow.com



LetsGrow.com offers the possibility to register and to analyze cultivation related data. Via an online platform you can see data from the greenhouse climate, crop, labor and energy consumption. Graphs and overviews can easily be created to gain insight into the greenhouse related data.  The overview of data allows one to instantly see the circumstances which led to a successful crop.  LetsGrow.com can also perform calculations upon real-time data to deliver more insight. It is possible to compare the current data with previous periods and with other greenhouse growers. This way growers have the possibility to learn from each other. LetsGrow.com turns data into meaningful information.



For all brands of climate computers


LetsGrow.com has been operational since 2002. Together with Wageningen University Horticultural Research we have developed models for forecasting crop yields. In 2006, Hoogendoorn Automation B.V. acquired the shares of WUR-G and continued the activities independently. However, the services of LetsGrow.com span horticulture in its entirety: we support all popular brands of climate computers. Our clients have 24/7 access to real-time data all around the world. The fact that there are already 500 greenhouse growers with a subscription to LetsGrow.com is testament to this. This includes both individual companies as well as major growers associations below.



For all crops


LetsGrow.com is available for all crops that are grown under glass. The system of LetsGrow.com is divided into modules. With these modules, subscriptions can be completely assembled according to customer needs. After all, a tomato grower has other information needs than for example a grower of phalaenopsis. We frequently add new functions to LetsGrow.com with the help of suppliers and research institutions.



Crop advisor


As a grower you have the ability to share your cultivation data with your crop advisor, free of charge. The crop advisor has 24/7 access to real-time data as well. This way the advisor can provide the grower with better advice. The crop advisor only has access to the data if the grower has given his consent. The grower determines who can see his data.



Assistance required?


The possibilities of LetsGrow.com are almost unprecedented. Due to this, LetsGrow.com organizes regular training courses for users. At your location as well: we are happy to visit you. In addition, LetsGrow.com has a knowledgeable, easily reachable service desk. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we are pleased to help you. 


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