Support floriculture growers and healthcare heroes with the #FlowerBoostChallenge

Of course also gladly accepted the #FlowerBoostChallenge posed by our Plant Empowerment partners AB Ludvig Svensson and Hortilux Schréder

The challenge is to buy flowers at a local grower or florist and offer them to anyone who you think needs them most. This helps support our country’s third leading economic export sector and the amazing people who make our homes, offices and the world a little greener and brighter with high-quality products, because they too are suffering in these difficult times.

Yesterday, we purchased beautiful Gerbera bouquets and Hydrangea plants from Holstein Flowers and Sjaak van Schie B.V. We decided to deliver these flowers and plants to the wonderful people at Argos Zorggroep DrieMaasStede and Frankelandgroep Vaartland who take great care of the elderly in Vlaardingen. People working in (health)care are our nation’s true heroes!

We wish the entire floriculture industry all the best in these strange and surreal times!

We would also like to thank @Van der Ende Groep for starting this great initiative. In return, we challenge Gearbox Innovations and PhenoKey to join us and accept this #FlowerBoostChallenge!