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How does LetsGrow.com work?

You can compare your crop data with that of other growers using LetsGrow.com. For example, you can connect with a group of growers who are producing the same crop. This is why LetsGrow.com is also very practical for crop advisors. But you remain in charge of your own data and decide who can see which data.


LetsGrow is an internet application: you do not need to install any software and you always have the latest version. In addition, you never have to worry about back-ups; LetsGrow.com takes care of this.


Importing data

Importing your data can take place in two ways. Firstly the data can be automatically imported from your computers, such as your climate computer. The only thing that must occur is the installation of a small programme on your computer: LetsGrow.com takes care of this installation for you. This can happen with all the popular climate computers. The second way is the manual entry of your data.


Mobile measuring systems

LetsGrow also supplies mobile measuring systems. These mobile measuring systems are easily connected to your LetsGrow subscription. Naturally, the data from your measuring systems can be combined with data from other devices such as climate computers.



Do you require help or support when using LetsGrow.com? We organise a wealth of training for subscribers. Please keep an eye on our news page for upcoming sessions, or contact LetsGrow.com.


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