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The time of waiting for Excel files is over.

After a short trial period at several locations, all production locations of Agro Care, in multiple countries, now work with the Agro Care initiated the collaboration with in their aim to automate data collection of all crop data at one central location.

“By automating the collection of our crop registrations centrally, we made sure all data is entered more consistently and now everybody works with the same data”, as explained by two head growers of Agro Care: Alida Kuiper and Barry Ammeraal.

Alida: ”Some head growers were skeptical at first to implement crop registrations through the app, however, now that they have started using it, they find it very useful and come forth with feedback and suggestions.”

Alida Kuipers is responsible for maintaining the She develops the graphs and overviews needed by the team in a central location. Alida makes sure the head growers (each logs into their own account) have the relevant graphs and overviews in their account. The overviews show key information that the head growers use to make decisions. Because all head growers use the same information, they can discuss growing strategies, compare crops with each other, and effectively discuss how to optimize their crop production with their colleagues. Alida has set up notifications for the head growers on their request. Each morning, certain key graphs and overviews are sent to the different head growers. By doing this, all key information is visible every morning for each head grower. Finally, in advance, Alida enters the target fruit setting, plant load and growth factor for each crop in the system; enabling comparison between the set targets and actually realized results during crop production.

Barry Ammerlaan; Agro Care
Barry Ammerlaan; Agro Care.


Barry: “Every head grower can continually monitor if the plant is developing according to the goals he set”.

Besides automated registrations, such as water and climate data, Agro Care also enters manual registrations in MyLetsGrow. For this purpose, has developed an app that can be used on a mobile phone or tablet. Now that everybody has been using the program for the past couple of months, the app is widely adopted within the organisation. “There were head growers that were skeptical at the start to enter their registrations through the app, however now they are using the app they are coming back with feedback and suggestions” says Alida. Barry and Alida are very happy with the practical application of the app. Barry mentions: “I spend less time entering crop registrations, in the greenhouse I enter the data through my phone right into the app”.

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