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Data Driven Growing

PhenoVation & B-Mex

With MyLetsGrow it is possible to determine in real time to what extent the plant uses the collected light for ...

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Crop protection Scout app


Nathalie Zwinkels is proud of the new digital scout system Nathalie Zwinkels has been working as a Crop Protection Specialist ...

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Data Driven Growing Yield Prediction


The Data Driven roadmap towards accurate yield predictions In recent years, the Data Driven Growing strategy has become increasingly important ...

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Plant Empowerment

United Farms

Check out this video and discover how United Farms uses Data Driven Growing. Robert van der Geest, Chief Operating Officer ...

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Crop Manager Crop Registration

Agro Care

The time of waiting for Excel files is over. After a short trial period at several locations, all production locations ...

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Crop Advisor Data Analysis Grower

Mans Flowers

“LetsGrow.com has become our central tool for managing our greenhouse”, says Marius Mans van Mans Flowers located in Brakel. ...

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Grower Light Use Efficiency


Through data analysis we can make the next step. The production numbers have been good already for many years, this ...

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Grower Notifications

Jac Oudijk Gerbera's

E-mail notifications of LetsGrow.com are popular. That our customers of LetsGrow.com appreciate the added value of the e-mail ...

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