Spanish webinar: Yield Prediction

Spanish webinar: Yield Prediction

25 August 2020

Machine Learning Yield Prediction is organising a Spanish-speaking webinar, which is held on 10th September 2020. Our experts will explain our customers and other people of interest from around the world how applies AI to optimise the growing process(es). Main reason; to increase the customers’ efficiency and to create an accurate yield prediction.

In just one hour of your time, our experts would inform you about the that make your business more profitable, anticipating the market, obtaining better sales prices, improving your responsiveness and planning.

AI: Machine Learning
Technological advances have allowed us to move rapidly towards a world where computers play an indispensable role; not just to manage and store information. Today’s machine learning systems have helped us extending our senses and reasoning abilities, allowing us to solve complex problems in a short time and giving us the opportunity to make better decisions.

Artificial Intelligence systems have the ability to learn, analyse and correlate large amounts of information in a short time, which makes it the perfect tool to solve issues such as Yield Prediction. Thus, Machine Learning opens the doors to obtain better results, optimise our businesses and improve our action plans.

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