Open Call for Innovation Experiments

Open Call for Innovation Experiments

29 April 2020

Innovation OpenCall

This is an open call to robotics companies and initiatives as well as European (vegetable)growers in our network. More specifically, this message is intended for Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from the agrifood sector who are willing to work together on the (continuous) development of Robotic applications suitable for practical applications throughout Europe. agROBOfood, a Horizon 2020 project, aims to build a European ecosystem for the effective adoption of robotic technologies in the agrifood sector and to support SMEs in their efforts to become more efficient and competitive. They are offering 2.65 million euros to SME’s through its first Open Call for Innovation Experiments.

Although 2.65 million euros is a great amount, agROBOfood’s efforts go beyond monetary support. They have set up 49 Digital Innovation Hubs and 12 Competence Centres, established in seven Regional Clusters around Europe, which will support companies in their digitization efforts by connecting various stakeholders.

Practical application examples

To shed light on the kind of practical applications eligible for participation, the Wageningen University & Research (WUR) have shared some examples: “To protect people from working in sub-zero temperatures, in the agROBOfood project a demonstrator robot will be built: a mixed palletiser to work in a freezer room. Another example will be to harvest fruit automatically, on time and with less manpower. This results in lower production and resource costs, whilst solving the labour shortage problem. Furthermore, a demonstrator for cucumbers will be built which can judge the maturity and pick & handle fruits in a greenhouse. Also, we will show a drone monitoring vineyards. Many more examples will be shown, both by the consortium and by companies who can apply for funding in the open calls. The Digital Innovation Hubs and connected experts will support these innovation experiments.”[source; 2019; WUR] agROBOfood partner and expert is an agROBOfood partner and part of the North West Europe Regional Cluster. Its platform, MyLetsGrow, serves as an excellent tool for data processing and extraction from robotic applications. It is an open platform combined with high data security standards which allows both the Robotics partner as well as the joint customer to both safely and optimally utilise their data. Furthermore, because of the technological, plant physiological and knowledge of the sector it possesses, can serve as a linking pin in the process. Even though is not eligible for participation, it can still mediate and support with applications.

When are you eligible for applying?

The basic criteria for participation in the Open Calls are to:

  • tackle a commercial need within agrifood;
  • base the solution around robot technologies;
  • use a local partner Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) as the primary contact point;
  • agree to use network’s cross-border services.

Small consortia (2-5 partners) from agrifood and robotics sector, including at least one SME as end-user and at least one SME as technology provider, can apply. Applicants must be based in Member States or H2020 associated countries.

Apply now!

The Open Call for Innovation Experiments (IEs) will be open until the 1st of September at

Would you like our help with your application process?

Do you have any questions about this project or the application process? All necessary information is available (Call Fiche, Guide for applicants and other information) on agROBOfood website! Alternatively, you can contact us. We are happy support you with your application.

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