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Plant Empowerment: a plant production strategy where Physiology meets Physics

What is the most sustainable way of growing in my greenhouse, where I convert the available resources to maximum production and quality? During the Greentech a new book will be presented, called Plant Empowerment; the basic principles. In this book extensive methods are explained to give your plants the right energy! Empower your Plants!


Why Plant Empowerment
Typically, traditional plant production methods are based on a mix of blueprints, best practices, common knowledge of plant physiology, as well as the ‘green fingers’ and ‘emotional perception’ of the growers. This approach has been successful, but also has several limitations:
• Blueprints are valid only under specific (outdoor) climate conditions
• The human sensory perception provides false information about the plant status
• Sensor-based climate control is not directly related to plant growth or plant status
• Most of the physiological knowledge is based on mono-factorial plant research


What is Plant Empowerment? 
Afbeelding met beamer.jpgGrowing by Plant Empowerment (GPE) brings the different pieces of experience and knowledge together in an integrated approach. Its starting point is the natural behaviour of plants related to the greenhouse environment described by six balances concerning energy, water, CO2 and assimilates. Monitoring these balances utilizing sensors, combined with crop measurements in a coherent framework based on physical and plant physiological knowledge and insights, provides hard facts required to control and improve the cultivation process.

The book on the Greentech
The theory behind Growing by Plant Empowerment is written down in a new book, that will be available in September 2018. The writers will be present during the Greentech on Booth 09.300. Also they will give a talk on Thursday 13:30-14:00 Climate, water, energy theatre.

More info
If you like to have more information about Plant Empowerment, please contact us through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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