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Enabling plants to direct themselves to optimal light utilization

A unique collaboration between LetsGrow.com, PhenoVation, B-Mex and Hoogendoorn Growth Management makes it possible to real-time determine the extent to which plants use the light they receive for photosynthesis, and control your greenhouse screens based on this data. As a result of this innovative collaboration a Dutch pot plant nursery increased its crop yield with 5%.

 screen open closeHow does it work?
The CropObserver system from PhenoVation measures the photosynthesis efficiency in a cultivation area of 9 m2. Based on this measurement the CropObserver can determine the extent to which the crop uses the light it receives for the purpose of photosynthesis. Simultaneously the LetsGrow.com evaporation/stomata sensor monitors whether the stomata open or close. This provides information about the status of both the energy and water balance and tells you if your crop “feels good” or is “stressed”.

B-Mex, PhenoVation and LetsGrow.com together developed a model to combine the data of the sensor. The model uses this data to calculate the right light intensity for optimal plant growth in the current situation. Subsequently this information is sent to the Hoogendoorn Growth Management climate computer, which can open or close the climate screens in the greenhouse based on this information. The LetsGrow.com platform provides insight into all the data, providing the grower with an overview of what is happening in the greenhouse and for what reason.
"For the first time, I have insight into how my plants actually feel", according to the Dutch pot plant grower, who achieved a 5% increase in crop yield by opening and closing the climate screens at the right times.

The cooperation partners are very proud of the achieved result. Peter Hendriks from LetsGrow.com describes it as "a nice practical example of Data Driven Growing”. According to him “this also illustrates the partners' vision on innovation: when several innovative parties effectively work together, we can quickly realize extra added value for cultivation companies. In our view, this is the direction we, the horticulture sector, are heading for."


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