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LetsGrow.com & 2Grow confirm partnership


Do my crops grow generative or vegetative? What is the effect of changes in greenhouse climate on my crops? With the partnership between 2Grow and LetsGrow.com it is possible to get answers to these questions.

Since a couple of months it is possible to connect the sensors of 2Grow to the platform of LetsGrow.com. A couple of growers already uses this possibility. On Wednesday 28th of December 2017 both company`s signed the partnership agreement. This made the partnership formally a fact.

2Grow sells two sensors as a package. The flow sensor and a diameter variation sensor. The sensors measure the reaction of the plant to changes in the climate (irrigation, exposure, ...) or manipulations (pruning, harvesting, ...). With these sensors you can see the daily growth of the plants, if the plants grow generative or vegetative and it is possible to detect early plant stress.

Connecting these sensors to LetsGrow.com will give you the possibility to see your sensor data in combination with climate data at a glance. Besides the analyse options it is also possible to get notifications about for example long-term plant stress. Shortly it will be possible to get daily/weekly notifications about the growth of the plants.

2Grow partnerschapfrom left tot right: Olivier Begerem, Luc van der Sar, Michelle Varrewaere




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