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It is possible to make more money when you make a good forecast of your yield, that has been known for years by growers and traders. However growers, growers associations and traders are struggling with this for years: the inaccuracy of the prognoses makes it not clear enough how much product is expected in the coming period. These prognosis regularly differ dozens of percent from reality. LetsGrow.com has developed, through the use of Machine Learning, for tomato a harvest forecast with an average more than 90% accurate!
The past as input
Many growers make crop prognoses for the sale of their products. With this information the sales process can be optimized. No shortage or surplus of product, ensures a better return on sales. It is also possible to optimize internal processes , such as work scheduling, at the nursery with this information.

Peter Hendriks, Business Unit Manager at LetsGrow.com: "I am regularly approached by growers with the question whether we can build an accurate and universal crop prognosis system. We have for some years now a plant physiological crop prognosis model for tomato which is doing reasonably well. However, it takes time to do the counting for the harvest forecast accurately, so that the model remains accurate. In addition, this way is error-prone, since the model only looks at the present. We also should use data from the past."

Artificial Intelligence vs. plant physiology
For over 17 years, LetsGrow.com has been collecting data from and for their customers. How nice would it be if these data can be separately used by each grower by making it an efficient yield forecasting model? Hendriks: "The technology is developing rapidly. In recent months, we specialized ourselves in Machine Learning. This form of Artificial Intelligence is really an incredibly powerful tool! By combining our plant physiological background with this technique, we can switch quickly to provide very accurate analyzes, such as this prognosis , for our customers."

Is it a lot of work for a grower to do this forecast? Hendriks: "We train the system for the grower. The system is trained per grower with its own data. The system recognizes patterns from the past and in combination with crop registrations that are already being done, the harvest forecast for the coming 4 weeks is predicted. If the historical data of a grower is already in our system, we can immediately start working on it. If not, then we have to find a way how we can retrieve the correct data. In fact, it costs the grower very little work. And it delivers a lot!"

Has the end been achieved considering accuracy with this forecast? Hendriks: "No, certainly not! The name Machine Learning says it all: the system continues to learn itself. It is getting better and better over time. In addition, we are also further refining the underneath model.
We are also working on integrating new data sources to be able to use them in the model, such as the measurements made by HortiKey. They measure, among other things, automatically the inventory of the tomatoes that are still in the greenhouse. If we combine this with our technique, we will reduce the manual input even more and can we further increase this forecast to 99.9%!”

Are you interested in this new and accurate crop forecast? Contact us or visit us at the Horticontact at stand 401. The analysis is now available for tomato growers. Other crops follow quickly.
For more information:
Peter Hendriks
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+31 - 657583579


Ton van Dijk
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+31 - 653735670



The production has been good for years, both in quality and in quantity. Nonetheless, you want to keep improving your company and yourself as a grower. What can help you to make the next step? By means of a very extensive data analysis, actions and achievements over the past years are analyzed in order to come to useful insights that will help you as a grower to improve both your production as well as the product quality. Letsgrow.com makes data analysis over several years now available for all growers.

Hans Vereijken2In the past period, there has been a rapid development of data analyses in the greenhouse sector. With the help of smart and advanced Big Data and Artificial Intelligence techniques, it is now possible to make analysis that simply cannot be made by human brains. With these techniques, the greenhouse sector will experience a further development by which the production shall improve both qualitative and quantitative.

When these modern techniques are combined with plant physiology knowledge and models, it gives great possibilities to optimize the growth even further. LetsGrow has both competences and has carried out a data analysis for Vereijken Kwekerijen.

Director Hans Vereijken "We believe in growing with the help of data. For years, we use LetsGrow to visualize and analyze the data of our locations at a central place. We want to have a discussion about what we want to achieve and how to realize our goals, instead of discussing afterwards our results. Recently, LetsGrow.com has completed a new functionality, with which we can even better apply our Plan-Do-Check-Act methodology. We are now implementing this new functionality. However, we actually wanted more. How do we grow exactly? What does science say about it? And what can we do to have even better results?”

Therefore, LetsGrow.com has carried out a Light Use Efficiency (LUE) data analysis over the past four years for five locations. The LUE shows the efficiency of the conversion of radiation to production. The analysis showed that these LUE fluctuates too much during a year. This data analysis gives enough input to pay more attention to these fluctuations.

Peter Hendriks, Business Unit Manager LetsGrow.com: "For years, Vereijken is a customer of us. We stored all their data over the past years, just as we do for all our customers. Now we offer our customers the possibility to make money out of their data. With the LBE analysis we can point directly to moments when they do it well and when they can improve, but also how they can improve. Then it is up to the advisor and grower to implement these new insights. We also offer the possibility to keep doing the analysis periodically, to analyze whether the improvements are carried out and what the results of these improvements are. With the Climate Monitor, we have already a tool whereby you can see on a daily basis (even on a 5-minute basis) if your climate is in control. With this Climate Monitor you can achieve large improvements!”

Hans Vereijken: “With all our growers we follow a course Data Driving Growing. With this course we aim to understand the results of the data analysis better, to connect the theory and research to practice so we can apply it better. With an increasing number of measuring equipment’s, it becomes more complicated to combine all the data to useful information. Therefore, extra tools are needed, but we still need to know how to handle these data. In the end, with this we optimize our way of growing. With the data analysis we can make the next step.”

Are you also interested where you can optimize and are you interested in data analysis for your company with your data, please contact Peter Hendriks or Ton van Dijk of LetsGrow.com.

Ton van Dijk

Tel: +31 (0)6 53735670
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Do my crops grow generative or vegetative? What is the effect of changes in greenhouse climate on my crops? With the partnership between 2Grow and LetsGrow.com it is possible to get answers to these questions.

Since a couple of months it is possible to connect the sensors of 2Grow to the platform of LetsGrow.com. A couple of growers already uses this possibility. On Wednesday 28th of December 2017 both company`s signed the partnership agreement. This made the partnership formally a fact.

2Grow sells two sensors as a package. The flow sensor and a diameter variation sensor. The sensors measure the reaction of the plant to changes in the climate (irrigation, exposure, ...) or manipulations (pruning, harvesting, ...). With these sensors you can see the daily growth of the plants, if the plants grow generative or vegetative and it is possible to detect early plant stress.

Connecting these sensors to LetsGrow.com will give you the possibility to see your sensor data in combination with climate data at a glance. Besides the analyse options it is also possible to get notifications about for example long-term plant stress. Shortly it will be possible to get daily/weekly notifications about the growth of the plants.

2Grow partnerschapfrom left tot right: Olivier Begerem, Luc van der Sar, Michelle Varrewaere



LetsGrow.com has developed the Climate Monitor. The LetsGrow.com Climate Monitor tells you if there is a reason to adjust the cultivation control. The Climate Monitor allows you to monitor the climate real-time and summarizes the factors that determine the climate.

Climate is a combination of different growing factors. Each radiation level has certain thresholds for these factors for an optimal climate. You can determine the thresholds for temperature, humidity and CO₂ yourself to define your optimal climate.


climate monitor limits

The Climate Monitor shows if the optimal climate is realized, registers deviations and displays this in graphs and overviews. Via e-mail notification you can automatically mail the deviations to yourself.
The Climate Monitor enables growers of all crops to follow the important growing factors temperature, humidity and CO₂ in relation to the radiation (PAR).

Want to know more about the Climate Monitor? Read the full article or contact us via our servicedesk or call us at +31-10-4608108.



Online training

The platform of LetsGrow.com can be used at its best when users know all the possibilities of our platform and how to use it. That's why LetsGrow.com offers online traning to support you in using LetsGrow.com and to give you updates about the latest technologies and features.

Our Greenhouse Information Specialist will look at your specific situation, your preferences and needs, so you can get the best insights out of your data!

For who?
This training is offered to users of LetsGrow.com who want to know more about the features of the LetsGrow.com platform. This can be new users, but also new employees of your company.

·        New features
What has been added to the platform recently?
·        Future developments
Which features will be added soon to the platform?
·        Need for information
Which specific needs or questions does the group have?
·        Give substance to information
The Greenhouse Information Specialist will make new dashboards together with you, so you can use your data at its best.
·        Explanation
The Greenhouse Information Specialist teaches you how you can discover your the information you want to focus on and visualise with the help of the dashboard, how you can use the apps, how you can share data and make groups.

Why do we offer an online training?
·        No travelling time
·        Flexible to plan
·        Convenience (from your workplace)
·        On request, we can film the training

One meeting will take 2 or 3 hours. The online training is given during office hours.

An online training costs €195,- per meeting.
Possible follow-up will be discussed in consultation.


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